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Training course update for 11-15 November

The next Garama climate change training will run in the week of 11th November, here in Norwich, UK. There are still some places available. There will be some innovations in this version of the course, most notably the more modular format and the addition of a session on net-zero. The course will be based on the Adapting to Climate Change course programme, with some additional material.

The first two days can be attended as a stand-alone course that we’re calling ‘Understanding Climate Change’. These cover climate science basics, global policy contexts (Paris Agreement, climate goals/targets etc.), global and regional climate change impacts, mitigation plans to deliver net-zero emissions by 2050, and an overview of adaptation to climate change. This content will be useful to anyone wanting an overview of climate change issues and to deepen their understanding of how organisations such as local/city councils can respond to climate change and the climate crisis.

The next three days are intended to give participants the skills they need to integrate or mainstream adaptation and resilience into their day-to-day work and organisational planning. The include a mixture of taught sessions and exercises focusing on screening for climate risks, climate risk/vulnerability assessment, adaptation decision-making/prioritisation, and adaptation monitoring, evaluation and leaning (how we determined whether adaptation is effective).

Participants can attend Day 1 only, Days 1 & 2 only, or all five days.

To register for this course, or part of it, use the registration form, or contact us directly.

See below for a summary of the programme.

Day 1. Global science and policy contexts (£225)

  • Overview of climate science from a global perspective – causes, trends projections
  • Long-term perspectives on climate change and lessons from the past
  • Global policy contexts – the Paris Agreement, its goals, and how we are doing in meeting them
  • Chances of staying below 1.5-2 degrees C – how are things looking? What is necessary?
  • Global and regional impacts of climate change
  • Wider implications for society

Day 2. Responding to climate change (£225)

  • Mitigation – reducing greenhouse gas emissions – history of action and inaction
  • Net-zero – what do we need to do to get there
  • Systemic versus individual action
  • Adaptation, risk, resilience and vulnerability
  • Different types of adaptation and when they are (not) appropriate
  • Adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development goals in the context of Paris
  • Barriers to climate action and how to address them

Days 3-5. Adaptation decision making (£775)

  • Adaptation (and mitigation) mainstreaming
  • Screening for climate change risks
  • Climate risk and vulnerability assessment
  • Identifying & prioritising adaptation options
  • Assessing the success of adaptation (monitoring, evaluation and learning)
  • Days 3-5 will include a number of practical exercises

Cost for all 5 days: £1225

Optional evening meal (Day 2): £40