Our training

Our training is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills they need to address climate change in their day-to-day work, backed up with a good understanding of the science of climate change and the global policy and political economy contexts of the climate crisis. Currently we are offering online training only, but we may resume in-person training if and when circumstances permit. We offer regular courses open to registration by individuals, and bespoke training for organisations. Further details are provided below.

Online training

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have moved our training activities online. We are currently offering a single, modular online course on Confronting the Climate Crisis. This includes content on climate science, climate change impacts, global policy contexts, responses to the climate crisis including net-zero, enablers of and barriers to action, adaptation and resilience, climate risk screening and assesment, adaptation decision-making, assessing adaptation effectiveness, and transformational adaptation and change. The course consists of a mixture of lectures and practical exercises, and includes live interaction with trainers. For more information and a course outline see here.

In-person training

Prior to the pandemic of 2019/20, we offered three in-person courses in Norwich, UK, where we are based. We also delivered versions of these courses to clients within the UK and globally, tailored to user needs and contexts. While we are currently not offering in-person training, this may resume in the future when circumstances permit, with updated content. Details of our previous in-person courses are provided below.

Adapting to climate change

This 5-day course aims to provide individuals and organisations with all the knowledge and skills they need to fully integrate climate change adaptation into their day-to-day activities or operations. It combines content from our previous courses on Climate change adaptation & mainstreaming and Adaptation M&E (see below). The course covers climate science, global policy contexts, mainstreaming issues, screening, risk/vulnerability assessment, identification and implementation of adaptation actions, and assessment of adaptation actions (M&E/MEL). For more details, click here.

Climate change adaptation & mainstreaming

This 3-day course is aimed at individuals or organisations that need to integrate or ‘mainstream’ climate change considerations into their activities. It is practical in nature, and combines taught sessions with exercises in which participants apply their learning to key issues including: identifying potential climate change risks and opportunities, developing frameworks for detailed climate risk assessments, and identifying potential adaptation measures. As of 2018, this course has been replaced by the ‘Adapting to Climate Change’ course, but can still be run on request given sufficient numbers of participants. For more details, click here.

Adaptation monitoring & evaluation (M&E)

This 2-day course is aimed at individuals and organisations tasked with assessing the effectiveness of individual adaptation interventions, and adaptation at large (e.g. at the national or sub-national level). It includes content on criteria for adaptation success, frameworks for adaptation MEL, measuring/tracking resilience, institutional climate risk management, and the use of climate information and development indicators for tracking adaptation success.As of 2018, this course has been replaced by the ‘Adapting to Climate Change’ course, but can still be run on request given sufficient numbers of participants. For more details, click here.

Other training services

In addition to our regular courses, we can provide bespoke training on climate change issues to organisations, tailored to their contexts and needs. This can include content from the regular courses described above, adapted as required (e.g. to specific geographic or sectoral contexts), and/or new content. We can draw on our extensive network of contacts to bring in additional expertise where required. Please contact us if you wish to discuss training for your organisation, either in-person (subject to COVID-19 risks and restrictions) or online.

We have provided tailored training for:

  • UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS): Climate mitigation finance (with Pengwern and ODI) (London, 2019)
  • Nepal National Climate Change Support Programme (NCCSP): Climate adaptation mainstreaming into local government planning (Nepalgunj, 2017)
  • ODI: Monitoring and evaluation for climate change adaptation and resilience (London, 2015)
  • ITAD: Monitoring and evaluation for climate change adaptation (Brighton, 2015)
  • MWH: Climate change science, mainstreaming and adaptation (Brussels, 2015)
  • Government of Mozambique: Mainstreaming climate change adaptation into spatial development planning (Maputo, 2015)
  • Swiss Development Cooperation Agency: Mainstreaming adaptation and resilience for SDC projects in East Africa (Nairobi, 2014)
  • African Development Bank: A series of courses on climate change impacts and responses for different sectoral contexts (Tunis, 2012)