Schools outreach

In the wake of the School Strike for Climate, and in the run up to the Global Climate Strike on 20th September, Garama’s Director, Nick Brooks, gave a talk to staff at a local primary school on climate change, the School Strike, and engaging with children on climate change. The talk covered the background to the school strike, some basics relating to climate science and climate change impacts, and things parents and educators can do to support children in their learning about climate change and also in their responses to the climate crisis. Key messages included the need to recognise children’s leadership in responding to climate change, and supporting their activism – as a practical and constructive response, but also as a means of addressing eco-anxiety through the exercise of their agency.

The transcript of the talk is available on Nick’s personal website, with links in the text to sources an graphics, and a list of links to resources and further reading at the end.

Nick, and Garama, are happy to engage with any educators interested in the issues raised in the talk. Nick is happy to deliver the talk to any local (Norwich/Norfolk) schools whose staff are interested. Contact us if you’re interested.

And do think seriously about joining the strike on Friday! We’ll be there.

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